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Justin Berkovi

It took only a few ground breaking EPs back in the day along
with a debut album on Force Inc. to cement Berkovi’s name in
the techno history books. He went on to produce some five solo
albums and countless 12” EPs and remixes and has played
alongside techno’s brightest stars such as Sven Vath, Dave
Clarke, Ben Sims, James Ruskin, and many many more.

Justin’s live sets have taken him all over the globe from the
most intimate of clubs to the largest of festivals. Some clubs
and festivals played: Tresor, Berghain, Womb (Tokyo), Ministry
of Sound, Ambassada Gavioli (Slovenia), Rex (Paris), TLV (Tel
Aviv), Amnesia (Ibiza), Dancevalley (Holland), Nature One /
Liberty One (Germany), Love Parade (Berlin), I Love Techno
(Belgium), 10 Days off (Belgium), Fuse, Florida 135 and many

He’s not only worked dancefloors but has created
experimental electronica (Charm Hostel) and produced a Peel
Session for the late John Peel.

Creating original and often challenging music is Berkovi’s mantra
- he now returns to production after a break with his tough live set
as well as deeper productions under the ‘Nightrax’ monicker.
Watch for new remixes and release in 2011
Visit www.justinberkovi.com for more info.