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Igor Krsmanovic

Igor Krsmanovic producent/DJ was born in 1983 in Belgrade, Serbia, where he is currently living .

Taking his early influences from techno and trance sound in Famouse Belgrade club "Industria", where he was going out while he was youngster, he had a oportunity to hear a lot of quality music. His biggest influence in beginning was The Prodigy ,Chemical brothers ,Underworld...

In 2005 Igor Krsmanovic came to the idea of making the dj duo with Milan Vukasinovic under the name "Radowi". Soon after that, they bought their first turn table and began buying vinyl's with the thought of becoming dj's themselves. 

They organized first party with future "co-workers" Dj Gruja and Andreja Z, which would later result in making a professional studio.

Igor in his set's ususally mix Tribal, Tech-House, Minimal, but he always save the room for something different and new. In 2007 He found himself back in the studio, only this time more focus and open minded for all music styles.

His latest music release was single "Overload" for label "Kaseta music" which he made in collaboration with Andreja Z and they will continue to perform together as DJ and make tracks as well.