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Adriano Filippucci

Adriano Filippucci started his musical career at the age of 6, starting out by learning to play piano before, and the art of composition later, that lead him to perform within a jazz band. As Adriano grew, so did his musical passion, and at the age of 16 he discovered electronic music; channeling his musical energies into the art of Djing
During the following years he was invited to perform in a lot of famous local clubs receiving great feedback for his talent. When he was 17, a call from the best electronic music studio and label in Perugia (SVR Records) invited Adriano to collaborate as musician and he became soon an expert in the field of analogue and digital synthesis. Adriano soon become influenced by the thriving techno and house scene being developed in Europe, so he wanted to push his curiosity further so he sets up a music production company and a recording studio: Random Entertainment. His passion for all the kind of music, brings Adriano to produce several tracks in several styles, he introduces Quartz in the techno scene and soon his first musical creation “Synergie”, become a ‘new manner’ to produce techno receiving great feedback from several Djs and artists all over the world. Other projects were created teaming up with his friends Pietro (Human Tech) and Simone(Alpha Duo) releasing by top labels…. 
His music curiosity and diversity soon brings him to explore other fields in the music scene and after soon moved into a different direction under the name AdF In this project Adriano brings all of his past musical experience and contamination and his sound is a mixture of driving house groove, pads and, as well as a techno influence can be heard listening to his sound.
From 2007 he starts to produce music using his real name with no aliases...and the results comes...the track The Day After become a driving monster minimal house piece , supported by djs such as Locodice,Raresh,Sis,Tiefschwarz,Reboot,M.Tanzman, etc..and finally it definitely brings Adriano on the top Italian producers.
After that, releases by Highgrade (the main track Perugia was selected by Richie Hawtin for the official minus podcast), Musik Gewinnt Freunde (with the big classic City Lights), Monique Musique, Time Has Changed, Einmaleins, and the remix for Kina Music,Black Rose, consecrate Adriano one of the best talent in the world.
The famous MixMag, says about him:
"A man who is able to move emotions with its sounds, and to dance with his grooves...a very talented guy"
Adriano is really respected worldwide for his Live and Dj Sets technically creative and musically sophisticated yet full of vibes
He has performed @ Gallery (Ministry Of Sound), Radio BBC 1 (along side John Digweed),Berhgain,Panorama Bar,Raw 25, Fabric,Aquarium Club,Oxa,...)
Nu trakcs and remix are ready for the time coming.......STAY TUNED