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Dan Drastic & Andreas Eckhardt

Dan Drastic is a premium constant part with his house sets in Germany. Back in the Nineties he was one of the most active and popular DJs in his hometown Chemnitz and he organised parties in the club Lait Solair. After this, Dan Drastic made his way to Leipzig and to Moon Harbour Recordings. He released productions on Highgrade Records, Lorna and on the English label Hairy Claw, which is a part of Stevie Kotey’s Bear Entertainment and as well on the German-New Zealand Label Curl Curl Music. At the end of summer 2008 followed his new release “Slice of Life” on Moon Harbour Recordings and "Bad Wolf" as a part of the new Moon Harbour Labelcompilation Inhouse Vol. 3. Don’t miss Dan Drastic playing in the clubs around this year; he has regularly gigs in Leipzig in Sweat Club and Distillery. 

Andreas Eckhardt: no bio yet