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Frankyeffe & Atochi

Frankyeffe born in Rome September 23, 1985. After several experiences with organized party in the Castelli Romani, and two years to run a programradio with a local audience, Francesco Fava, aka Frankyeffe, approaching the world of techno, migrating his sets, but above all its productions to the world Dark Italian and European techno. His first major release, which overlooks the world of professional productions, is "Mahh" on June 2008 on the label of prestige Polar Noise / Ocean Club. In September, the scheduled release of his ep "Lightning" label on the Neapolitan "Overdrive Musik". and other important releases that we will shortly. Since September 2008, creator, art director and creator of the evening TRAINTEK (www.traintek.it) Resident at Rashomon Club, Club Underground No. 1 in Rome, renowned for its appeal typically 'European' and far from the standards of Roman nightlife. The Rashomon is the "container" ideal where Franky can express his artistic ego, and ignite the crowd. His DJ's set with sensational, ranging from techno more shocking the disc sound more melodic and more refined. During two seasons of residence at the Rashomon Club, chooses and wants to share with him the DJ console emerging and established, which reflects his style and his musical conception, hence, limestone at the console of his party members to get techno Italian and foreign, as Joseph Capriati, Rino Cerrone, Markantonio, Gary Beck, Alan Fitzpatrik, Fergie, Uto Karem and many more ... During these two years, his technique in the production grows exponentially, and in these two years produced some of very high quality releases on labels reference. After the hit "Pulp Kozzuto" vinyl on Overdrive Musik, supported and played by top DJs worldwide, Remain Records produces about Axel Karakasis, A. Paul Naked Lunch (with different outputs and its EP), Frequency Records (best italian label) Teggno Records Lance Blaise Dropkick Records (which is 6th in the Top 5 for 5 weeks) and Amazing Records. Soon amazing release on Kombination Research Mr. Cisco Ferreira Aka The Advent.

Atochi comes close to music in 1998 at the age of 14. His first apparition came during an autogestion in his high school, where his fellows organized him a consolle where he played till the cops arrival. From the first apparitions, it's possible to understand that his musical research is focused on those winning sounds belonging to the overpowering rythms of the electronics music. He performs in several clubs in Caserta untill, in 2004,he begins his adventure with Why Not, starting playing at Mono Club with other artists like Danilo Vigorito, Alex Under, Radio Slave, Samuel L Session, Rino Cerrone, Glitches,Carlo Carità and so many others of national and international fame. He grows up with the years,and with him his musical taste too,going nearer and nearer to minimal-techno rythms. He loves making people having fun and passing them strong emotions and feelings with his music,intended by him, as everything that could pass something essential in a clubber all-day-life. The last three years show Why Not and International Talent arriving ah the Old River Park with a project called PLAY THE MUSIC;Atochi starts playing in parties hosting the highest names of techno music like Rcihie Hawtin,Dave Clarke,Paco Osuna,Steve Walker,Jeff Mills,Joris Vorn,Speedy-j,the Advent aka Cisco Ferreira,Oscar Mulero,Alex Under and many others. In winter 2008 his way brings him and Frankyeffe to the creation of his own label "OVERDRIVE MUSIK" where he gives free play to all his musical projects with the collaboration of the artists already present in the worldwide techno panorama. With the Overdrive Musik he's been creating till now fourteen releases,all in the "top 100" chart on Beatport. During summer 2008 he took part at the PLAY THE MUSIC SUMMER 2008 project performing on stages like Old River,La Vecchia Fattoria,Mugello Festival. In the Last summer Atochi played in The Cool party at The End,London. In the last January Atochi come back to work with ORBEAT infact on 6 january 2010 Atochi played at Arenile Reload with Massi Dl and Masomenos. In the 2010 Atochi he is going to work with important international label like Frequenza Records, Night Light Records, Remain Records, Amazone Records, Kaseta Music and many more..